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About Me

My name is Holly Lomelino and I am a wife and mother of three. I have a BA from Westmont College, and first began planning parties as a child. I have always enjoyed the process that goes into putting together a party (everything from the food, the set-up, the entertainment, the decorations, etc.), and even as a young girl would do some rather ambitious party endeavors. My mother would always find remnants of tape hanging from the ceiling where I had strung crete paper up, and she would also find me completely rearranging furniture and transforming whole rooms into what I deemed more suitable for a party.

I continued to enjoy putting together gatherings and planning events as I got older, and then had my first extreme chance to put it all into action when I planned my wedding in 2002 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Since then, I spent more time than I can add up getting experience with planning parties, mostly through putting on church parties for our young, social church fellowship. I have organized everything from extravagant Christmas parties to retreats to birthday parties, as well as helped a number of friends with weddings, and thrown countless bridal and baby showers.

Then in May of 2007, it seemed time to put my passion and experience to work, and Parties by Holly began. Part of my vision for this business is to provide extremely personalized party planning for people who wouldn’t normally think to hire a party planner. In other words, most people think of hiring someone to help coordinate their wedding, but how often do they think to hire someone to help plan their 3-year-old’s birthday party? Yet, many people do not have the capacity to easily plan a party, no matter how simple it may sound. I have found that there are usually three hindrances for people: 1. they don’t have the time to plan a party, 2. they just aren’t very good at it (it takes a certain type of thinking to figure out the details of a party, even a basic one), 3. they just don’t enjoy it.

It is my goal to serve these people and bring my passion and expertise into their party planning experience to make it a more successful and enjoyable experience for all involved.

I have now done quite a variety of parties, from an 11-year-old’s “Cinco de Mayo” birthday party in a backyard, to a 100-year-old’s birthday party at the Biltmore. I have also done dinner parties, a dozen or so weddings, baby showers, and bridal showers.

Santa Barbara Wedding Planner | Party Planner | Parties by Holly