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“Holly coordinated our wedding reception and ceremony and we couldn’t be more happy with how she pulled it all together! From ordering and arranging our flowers, to ordering and creating a delicious dinner display, to managing our DJ and making sure our reception had the right timing - she did it ALL! Initially I thought I’d have time to do everything by myself, but I quickly learned I needed a professional coordinator. She stayed within our budget and had great ideas to save money while not skimping on making it beautiful. In addition to Holly’s excellent organizing and managing skills, she’s a delight to work with! She was always available to talk about our vision for our wedding day. Holly’s attention to detail, cheery personality, and enthusiasm helped us stay relaxed in what could have been a very stressful time. Our wedding day was perfect and without a glitch! Having Holly coordinate our big day was the best decision – we are so appreciative of her work and recommend her to all our friends. I’m not sure what we would have done without Holly!!

-Nate & Kristen Harmony

“As a couple just beginning the wedding planning process, we needed someone who had not only the experience with the unknown details, but solutions for them without taking over.  Holly did a great job working with us, taking control of the parts we didn’t want to deal with and letting us create our wonderful wedding day.  Her ever-present support was crucial all the way until the reception was finished. Holly does an amazing job of getting to know the engaged couple and offering a variety of options to making the wedding day just right.  We never felt pressure to do anything her way or make a decision too quickly or too slowly.  We could trust Holly to think of all the things we either forgot about or never knew.  She was our wedding coordinator champion through the whole process! Holly does a great job with the big vision and the small details, which is crucial in a party planner.  Her style and tone was just right throughout the whole process. If you’ve ever been a part of a wedding, you know that the wedding coordinator’s role is just so key not just leading up to that day, but especially the weekend of the actual wedding.  All of our wedding party and close family had nothing but great things to say about Holly’s work and influence during our big day.  She was organized, supportive and always struck the right balance between taking control and letting us lead the way!”

-Sean & Paige

“Thank you very much for helping to make the party for my Mother’s 100th birthday a great success. It was a very beautiful party and I have had many letters from her friends who attended saying that everything was done perfectly. I appreciate very much your willingness to adjust to my schedule, your consideration in dealing with the various vendors, and your complete attention to all the details that made the party so successful. I especially want to thank you for your help the day of the party. You were available for every little thing that needed to be done and you handled everything with a professional grace that I much admire. I hope to be able to work with you again. Again, thank you for all your hard work and for helping to make my Mother’s birthday a very special day for her and her family.”

-Ms. Hauck

“Working with Holly Lomelino was a joy and her efforts freed me up completely from worries about accommodating 60 people in a very small space. She even came up with setting up colorful tables on the sand to handle the overflow from the house! She had given me several choices regarding table settings, serving vessels, flowers and table sizes for serving food and drinks. Then she took care of getting it all there and removing it promptly after the last guests had left. I felt carefree during the whole party and almost want to have another soon so I can use her services again!”


“Last year I had to plan a party for my son who was turning 11, and I simply ran out of time. Holly offered to give me a hand and it was a success! All I had to do was give her a theme and a budget and she came through brilliantly, from decorations, to music, to food. She asked all the questions I hadn’t thought of and helped me put together something fun for 10 pre-teen boys! Now that was a challenge.”

-Robbie, Montecito, CA

Santa Barbara Wedding Planner | Party Planner | Parties by Holly